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Robert Ruark
(December 29, 1915 – July 1, 1965)

2700 Wisconsin Ave NW, Cathedral Heights neighborhood, DC.

Born in Wilmington, North Carolina, Ruark moved to DC in 1936 to pursue a career in journalism. He worked for The Washington Daily News and after World War II as a columnist for the Scripps-Howard Newspaper Alliance. Eventually he moved toward fiction and was known for his Ernest Hemingway-inspired novels of hunting and safaris. His stories and articles were published in the Saturday Evening Post and Esquire. His books include two collections of newspaper columns, I Didn't Know It Was Loaded (1948) and One for the Road (1949), and the novels, Grenadine Etching (1947), Horn of the Hunter (1953), The Old Man's Boy Grows Older (1961), Uhuru (1962), and
The Honey Badger (1965).

His novel Something of Value (1957) was made into a movie starring Rock Hudson and Sidney Poitier.

2022 16th St. NW, Historic Striver's District, DC
1447 Q St. NW, Logan Circle neighborhood, DC