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Saint-John Perse
(May 31, 1887 – September 20, 1975)

1621 34th St. NW, Georgetown neighborhood, DC.

Perse, born Alexis Saint-Leger Leger in Guadeloupe, was a French diplomat from 1914 to 1940, serving in Spain, Germany, the UK, and China. He lived in exile from France in DC from 1940 (when he was stripped of his citizenship and possessions by the Vichy government) though 1967. Archibald MacLeish hired him to work at the Library of Congress.

Perse is the author of 18 books of poems, including Anabase (1924), Exil (1942), Pour Dante (1965), and Nocturne (1973). He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1960.

2800 Woodley Rd. NW, Apt. #404, Woodley Park neighborhood, DC.