NW Quadrant, East of Rock Creek, Dupont Circle, Female

Ellen Blackmar Maxwell
(1853 – 1938)

1716 N St. NW, Scott Circle neighborhood, DC. Now the American Foreign Protective Association.

Originally from Springfield, Illinois, Maxwell lived in Lucknow, India with her missionary husband, Rev. Allen J. Maxwell. After his death in 1890, she returned to the United States and authored a semi-autobiographical novel The Bishop's Conversion (1893). She was the author of two other books: Three Old Maids in Hawaii (1896), and The Way of Fire (1897).

In 1894, Maxwell married Rear Admiral Albert Smith Barker in New York City. After his retirement from the Navy, they moved to DC and lived at this address from 1908 to 1931. Barker is known to have rented rooms at this address to the Pulitzer Prize winning author Frank H. Simonds.