NW Quadrant, East of Rock Creek, Dupont Circle, Genre, Sheridan/Kalorama, Female, Society Hostesses

Jeanie Gould Lincoln
(1846 – August 8, 1921)

2108 R St NW, Dupont Circle neighborhood, DC.

Born in Troy, New York, Gould was the author of books of poetry, romance and historical fiction. Her early writing was championed by the celebrated editor Nathaniel Parker Willis.

Her books include a collection of poems,  A Chaplet Of Leaves (1869) and the historical novels Marjorie's Quest(1872)A Genuine Girl (1896),  An Unwilling Maid (1897),  A Pretty Tory (1899), A Javelin of Fate (1905), and Luck of Rathcoole (1912).

She moved to the city in 1877 after marrying the prominent physician Nathan Lincoln.

Of special note was her novel Her Washington Season (1884) comprised of letters between two characters based on herself and the prominent society figure Mrs. Benjamin Ogle Tayloe. Gould published in various magazines and newspapers including Peterson's and The Washington Times.

A longtime fixture of Washington high society, Gould lived on 19th street 1919. Gould lived at the 20th street address in the 1890s. Her final address was on Q Street.

1620 19th St. NW, DC, Dupont Circle neighborhood, DC

2235 Q St NW, Sheridan Circle neighborhood, DC
1717 20th St NW, Dupont Circle neighborhood, DC