NW Quadrant, East of Rock Creek, Sheridan/Kalorama, Federal Government Employees, Female, Journalists, Translators, Also of Interest

Ella Dorsey
(185? - ?)

The Brighton, 2121 California St. NW, Kalorama neighborhood, DC.

Born in DC, Dorsey's father died in the Civil War. Her mother was a writer of "Catholic light literature." After graduating from Trinity College, Dorsey began her career as a journalist for the Washington Chronicle. She wrote for the Washington Critic, Boston Journal, Cincinnati Commercial Gazette, and the Chicago Tribune. She wrote historical profiles for the Daughters of American Revolution Magazine and the Columbian Historical Society. Her first stories were published in Catholic World and Harper's Magazine.

Her books included Midshipman Bob (1886), The Taming of Polly (1897), Pickle and Pepper (1898), Saxby's Angels, and The Two Tramps.

Dorsey worked as a Russian translator for the Department of the Interior's Scientific Library. She lived at this address while working as a clerk in the Patent Office.