Maryland, Journalists

David Brinkley
(July 10, 1920 – June 11, 2003)

111 E. Melrose St., Chevy Chase, MD.

Best known as a television newscaster from 1943 to 1997, Brinkley was also the author of three books, including Washington Goes to War (1988), a best-selling social history of how World War II transformed the city, based partly on this own experiences as a young reporter.

His other books are the memoirs David Brinkley: 11 Presidents, 4 Wars, 22 Political Conventions, One Moon Landing, 3 Assassinations, 2,000 Weeks of News and Other Stuff on Television and 18 Years of Growing Up in North Carolina (1995), and Brinkley's Beat (published posthumously in 2003).