NW Quadrant, East of Rock Creek,African American, Female, Harlem Renaissance Era

Marita Bonner
(June 16, 1899 – December 6, 1971)

1805 2nd St. NW, Bloomingdale neighborhood, DC.

Bonner wrote short fiction, essays, and plays. She taught high school in DC from 1925 to 1930, at Armstrong Technical High School, and was active in the Saturday Nighters' Literary Salon, hosted by her close friend Georgia Douglas Johnson. Most of Bonner's published writing appeared in either Opportunity or The Crisis. Perhaps her best-known work is her first published essay, "On Being Young—A Woman—And Colored," which appeared in 1925, winning first prize for essays in the annual Crisis literary competition.

Her work was collected posthumously into a book, Frye Street and Environs: The Collected Works of Marita Bonner Occomy (1987).

2201 2nd St. NW, LeDroit Park neighborhood, DC.