NW Quadrant, East of Rock Creek, Dupont Circle, Architecturally Significant, African American, Howard University, Radicals, Also of Interest

Ahmos Zu-Bolton II
(October 21, 1948 - March 8, 2005)

President Madison Apartments, 1908 Florida Ave. NW, Dupont Circle neighborhood, DC.

Zu-Bolton was an activist, teacher, playwright, and the author of three books of poems. He founded Energy BlackSouth Press, edited the literary journal Hoo-Doo and co-edited an innovative journal on cassette tape called Black Box. He co-edited an anthology (with E. Ethelbert Miller), called Synergy D.C. (1975).

After working at Howard University in the early 1970s, Zu-Bolton took teaching jobs at Xavier University, Delgado College, and Tulane University. His poetry books are A Niggered Amen (1975), No Spring Chicken (1998), and 1946 (2002).

Year: 1905
Originally called the Cordova Apartments, this building was financed by John Roll McLean, then publisher of the Washington Post. The land was previously Holmead’s Burying Ground, in use from 1794 through 1874. Most of the remains were reinterred at Graceland Cemetery and Rock Creek Cemetery. One of the largest and most prominent cemeteries in the city, it was also sometimes referred to as Western Burial Ground. The apartment building was one of the first major buildings to be placed on the reclaimed land.


Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Grace Cavalieri on "Amos Zu-Bolton's Poetry of Invention"

Photo of author by Afaa Michael Weaver, courtesy E. Ethelbert Miller.