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Edward Weismiller
(August 3, 1915 - August 25, 2010)

2400 Virginia Ave. NW, Apt. #C-1119, Foggy Bottom neighborhood, DC.

Weismiller was a professor of English at George Washington University from 1968 to 1980. He published four books of poems and a novel.

During WWII, he was a counterespionage officer for the Office of Strategic Services, and was awarded a Bronze Star. He declined to serve in the CIA after the war ended, opting for life as a writer instead. He was the youngest winner of the Yale Series of Younger Poets Competition in 1936, for his first book.

His books of poems are: The Deer Come Down (1936), The Faultless Shore (1946), The Branch of Fire (1980), and Walking Toward the Sun (2002). His novel, based on his experiences as a spy, is The Serpent Sleeping (1998). He also translated the poems of Khmer poet Makhali-Phal from French, publishing The Young Concubine in 1942.