NW Quadrant, East of Rock Creek, African American, Female, Journalists, Radicals

Una Marson
(February 6, 1905 - May 5, 1965)

1921 S St. NW, Dupont Circle neighborhood, DC.

A Jamaican writer, feminist, and activist, Marson is the author of four books of poems, Tropic Reveries (1930), Heights and Depths (1932), Moth and the Star (1937), and Towards the Stars (1945). She also wrote three plays, At What Price (1933), London Calling (1938), and Pocomania (1938).

Marson spent her adult life split primarily between Jamaica (where she worked as an editor and helped promote West Indian literature), and London (where she was the first African American woman broadcaster hired by the BBC), but she did live in DC briefly during the 1950s.