Maryland, Federal Government Employees, Journalists, Radicals

Floyd Dell
(June 28, 1887 - July 23, 1969)

1851 Ingleside Terrace NW, Mount Pleasant neighborhood, DC.

Dell is the author of the plays King Arthur's Socks (1915) and Little Accident (1928), four novels, including the best-seller Moon-Calf (1920), and the memoir Homecoming (1933). He also published individual poems in journals, and nonfiction books.

Dell was a literary critic for Friday Literary Review and The Masses, a founding member of the Provincetown Players, and an active member of radical writer's communities in Chicago and New York.

A member of the Socialist Party, Dell was charged with violations of the Espionage Act in 1917 and again in 1919. He moved to DC in 1933 and worked for the WPA and the US Information Service. The DC address was his home from 1935 to 1963, where he and his wife Marie, a DC librarian, raised two sons. The Bethesda address was his final home.

6307 Lone Oak Dr., Bethesda, MD.