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Rachel Carson
(May 27, 1907 – April 14, 1964)

Rachel Carson Council House, 11701 Berwick Rd., Silver Spring, MD.
A National Historic Landmark. Not open to the public.
Marked with an historic plaque.

Carson, a marine biologist and conservationist, is best known for her book Silent Spring (1962), an expose on the environmental effects of pesticides. She is the author of five other books, including The Sea Around Us (1951), and the posthumously published The Sense of Wonder (1965).

Carson worked for the US Bureau of Fisheries, and the Fish and Wildlife Service, before retiring to write full-time.

This simple, post-WWII ranch house was designed by Carson in 1956, where she lived and wrote until her death in 1964. The Rachel Carson Council, now housed here, "promotes alternative, environmentally benign pest management strategies to encourage healthier, sustainable living."

204 Williamsburg Dr., Silver Spring, MD.